Shaquille O'Neal Hilariously Roasted By Fans After Showing Off $1.7M Yacht

Shaquille O'Neal
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Jon Conahan

Shaquille O'Neal is undoubtedly one of the best basketball players that have ever played the game. There's a legitimate argument to be made that he's the greatest center of all time and a top-five player that ever played the sport. There was only one downside to his game and some fans made it known to him that he needed to be better on that side of the court. The one thing that Shaquille O'Neal struggled with throughout his career, was none other than free throws.

Fans Let Shaq Know

Fans have hilariously roasted him throughout his career and have even left comments saying “Call it ‘Free Throw’ so you won’t ever sink it.” This was in regard to a new 72-foot yacht that O'Neal had bought for $1.7 million.

It got to the point where people started to foul Shaq on purpose because they knew that he wasn't going to hit many free throws. If he hit one out of the two free throw attempts, he was considered lucky in that aspect.

Career Free Throw % Of 52.7%

Throughout Shaquille O'Neal's long career, he averaged a free throw percentage of 52.7%. This includes some years where he was below 50%, and one year with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2002-2003 where he shot 62.2% from the line.

Shaq Gave His Reason For Missing Free Throws

In a hilarious response to a question regarding why he wasn't a great free throw shooter, Shaq had the following to say.

“The theory is, it was the man way upstairs’ way of keeping me humble,” he said. “Seriously. Because the way I played, the way I made everyone else around me better, all of the publicity I was doing — imagine if I was doing that and had shot 90% from the free throw line. I would have been arrogant. I’d probably be so arrogant. So it was just his way of saying ‘hey, buddy, you’re just like everybody else.'”

“I tried to make 200 a day,” he said. “And then when I got really big time and was able to build gyms in my house, I shot all the time. But there’s a difference between playing craps at your house with your boys and going to Mr. Cordish’s casino and playing craps. When I’m by myself I shoot like Steve Kerr. But it’s just something about when I’m in a game, there’s pressure, I just tighten up.”

Other All-Time Greats Aren't Great Free Throw Shooters

Some other all-time great players aren't good free throw shooters either. This includes guys like LeBron James (73.4%), Giannis Antetokounmpo, and many others.